I’m an educator and I’ll vote for PAS

I’m an educator, focusing primarily in the development of language proficiency among young Malaysians. I attended various schools in Malaysia before pursuing my degree in the UK.

Having submerged myself to the whims and fancies of education, my core concern about the wellbeing of my beloved country is how education will be preserved and improved to prepare the younger generation to lead the nation in the near future.

PAS has so far provided a good track record especially through its preschool alternative, PASTI, which not only appeal to certain parts of the Muslim community in Malaysia but to a wider groups of people in Malaysia.

I do hope that, PAS, upon its future endeavour, would further ensure the nation’s education system would be of excellent quality, effective management and above all made us all humans to each other and servants to God.

Mr Aziz Hassan is an educator in one of the education institution in Malaysia. He is committed to create a better Malaysia.