I’m a computer scientist and I’ll vote for PAS

I’m a computer scientist in Interaction design and algorithms, with a degree from Imperial College, London before pursuing my PhD locally.

There has been a lot of interest in research on political sentiment analysis using the latest data analytic techniques. Findings of these studies have revealed that show cyber trooping activities are real and they are affecting people’s perception on certain issues. Ironically this term is almost synonym to our country Malaysia.

In the course of my studies as well as accompanying my husband on his job abroad, we have travelled to all corners of the world and witnessed world history in the making in New York, Paris, Sudan, India and Pakistan amongst others.

After years abroad and finally settling down on home soil, I have endeavoured to put my expertise to good use. Amongst the many projects that I have collaborated in is a partnership between the Pas led Kelantan government and a Japanese organisation.

After due deliberation, my family has decided to make a change for the better and we will vote for PAS in GE 14.

Regardless of the outcome, we should show our solidarity with Islam. Man can only strive and plan, but God is the best of planner and executor.


Dr Halimah Jajar is a PhD holder in Computer Science, a scientist in Interaction Design and algorithms, a mother and a concerned Malaysian. She is committed in creating a better Malaysia.