I’m a Doctor and I’ll Vote for PAS

I’m an obstetrician and a gynaecologist. I had my early schooling in a convent school in Penang and later on entered Tunku Kurshiah College. Many of us benefitted from the policies of the current government and subsequently went on to study in prestigious universities either locally or overseas.

I was fortunate to have studied in the United Kingdom before coming back to serve in the government sector. Most important of all, I was exposed to the different administrative styles of the Conservative and Labour governments. I was also able to differentiate the roles that should be played by the administration and also by the political parties, which is vastly different from Malaysia.

I am first and foremost, a government servant and answerable to the people who have paid taxes including GST to fill the government coffers. I should not be pressurised to have allegiance to any ruling political party as they themselves have been chosen by the people. In fact, their salaries are paid for by you and I.

Each and every Malaysian are unique and free individuals, and should be allowed to vote as they please without fear or intimidation. Each and every vote counts.

But most of all, I am also a mother. I am worried about the state of affairs in our beloved nation. The national debt has rocketed tremendously, and sadly will be borne by my children, grandchildren and the subsequent generation. The streets are not safe for our children. Even the cyberworld is proving to be hazardous, if conscientious steps are not taken to halt this.

Jobs for the ordinary Malaysians are hard to come by as foreigners take over businesses and housing areas. Malaysia should be a haven for Malaysians, but I see our cities beleaguered with the needy and homeless.

My children’s generation are strife with problems, be it drugs, delinquency or unemployment. They have lost touch with family values and religion as the adults spend more time outside of home to put food on the table. In my line of work, I have seen many, many examples of this.

To create a better Malaysia, a lot of things have to change. Time and again have proved that man made solutions will not work. A Ferrari electronic system will never work for a Honda, no matter how expensive or high end it is, as it was never meant to work for the latter. Similarly, only rules and regulations perfected by God, geared for God’s creations will work in this chaotic world we live in.

And because of that, I will vote for PAS in GE14. Only PAS is fully committed to vote in a change from man made solutions to God perfected solutions.

Because we are all God’s creations, regardless of skin colour, race and religion.

Will you join me in creating a better Malaysia?


Dr Nabilah Ali is an obstetrician, a mother and a concerned Malaysian. She is committed in creating a better Malaysia.