I’m A Professor and I’ll Vote for PAS

I’m a Professor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I had my early education in St. John’s, Kuala Lumpur and later on entered Malay College Kuala Kangsar. I was among the many that benefitted from the policies of the current government and subsequently went on to study in prestigious universities either locally or overseas.

I was fortunate to have studied in University College London, before returning home to serve in the tertiary education sector. I had worked in the States and Ireland, as part of my Sabbatical Leave, where I was exposed to the different administration and policies of foreign governments.

This was indeed a rare opportunity where I could observe transparency, dedication and commitment of all three executive, legislative and judiciary institutions. Sadly, this is far from what we experience in Malaysia.

I am first and foremost, a Muslim. Therefore, my faith goes beyond my private relationship with God. It transpires a believe that Islam was brought to mankind, through the Holy Prophet Muhammad for the benefit of all. This faith goes on to state that the best laws for man, is one that was created by the Creator. You name it, from transparency to fairness, it is all in Islam. And this is why, I will support PAS that pitches Islam for all.

As a tax-paying Malaysian, I should not be pressed to have allegiance to the ruling political party as they themselves have been chosen by the people. In fact, they were chosen by Malaysians (majority but not all) in the past general elections to manage the country on behalf of us.

Each and every Malaysian are unique and free individuals, and should be allowed to vote as they please without fear or intimidation. Each and every vote counts. Each vote is also confidential – although i have made mine a public secret.

But most of all, I am also an educator. I am worried about the state of affairs in our beloved nation – especially the future of our graduates and workforce. The recent report made by Bank Negara Malaysia points out that the expenditure of the bottom 40% (B40) of Malaysian households has expanded at a faster pace compared to their income.

From 2014 to 2016, the average B40 income level grew by 5.8% annually, marginally lower than the 6% growth in the B40 household spending in the same period. It is also worth noting that half of working Malaysians earned less than the national median of RM1,703 in 2016.

To create a better Malaysia, a lot of things have to change. Among others, transparency and competence stands above the rest. The compelling offer by PAS and Gagasan Sejahtera to establish a technocratic government, with elements of Godly governance and competence is why I will vote for PAS. Only PAS is fully committed to vote in a change from man made solutions to God perfected solutions, implemented with competence through a technocratic government.

Why don’t you join me in creating a better Malaysia?


Prof. Ir. Dr Hairul Azhar Abdul Rashid is a Muslim, father, husband and educator. He was recognised as one of the Top Research Scientists Malaysia in 2014. He is committed in creating a better Malaysia.